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Volunteers keep the club running

And they are gold

Auskick is purely for the kids to have fun, but it also takes a lot of organisation to keep the fun going.

Committee members, coaches, canteen staff, BBQ's. You name it, we need it.

“Red Shirt “ Coaches

We are always looking for coaches! You can coach your child and you only have to turn up when you are available! You have to come down to Auskick anyway to be with your kids so why don’t you become a “red shirt” coach.

Remember many of our volunteer coaches will be 'first-timers' - get in with the Auskick spirit and help out where you can!  And thank the coaches at the end of the day too - they're parents just like you but in a red shirt!

We run Level 0 courses at the beginning of each season so don’t worry we will provide you will all the training needed to ensure you come prepared each week.

All coaches to meet their year coordinators at Sheridan Pavilion at 8:40am to go through coaching plans.

Please register

If you are interested in helping in any way please make sure to register with AFL auskick below

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