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A beginners guide to Auskick

Here's all you need to know as a first timer at Auskick. Come down and get in the fun

Beginners guide: About


Malvern District Auskick is a busy place – unfortunately we all need to park somewhere!  

Because of the way we are set up, you can park easily at either Lucas Pavilion (off Dunlop St - near the station), or in the Sheridan Pavilion carpark (off Winton Rd)... dont park illegally or you will be fined!

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What do I bring?

Wear some sporty/footy clothes that are suitable for the weather on the day.  Most children wear their footy jumper if they have one.  
Footy boots can be worn if you have them; if not, wear runners.
Malvern District Auskick provides the footballs, so you don’t need to bring your own. (Leave it at home or it might get lost).

Please make sure that all clothing, drink bottles and footballs are labelled.

Bring a drink bottle - it gets hot at Auskick, and we work HARD - so make sure to bring a names sports drink bottle

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When do we start?

We start at 9am.  If you miss the start, just find your age group and join in.

Kinder - in the middle of Basil Oval (opposite the Pavilion)
Prep - on the western side of Basil Oval
Girls - on the eastern side of Basil Oval 
Grade One - Lucas Oval 
Grade 2-6 - Stanley Grose Oval

Preps and Girls finish at 10am with older grades at 10.30. For preseason week we will all finish at the same time

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Where do I go first?

EVERYONE assembles first at Basil Oval in front of Sheridan Pavilion, a siren sounds to signal everyone to assemble at 9am.  There is a large flag for each age group and Auskickers are to line up behind their flag. After a quick introduction

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Can I be with my friends?

Sure!  Stay with your friends when the coaches are organizing you into groups after the warm-up games.  You can ask a coach to swap groups too.  We don’t have permanent groups each week, so you may be with different children and with a different coach each week.  Auskick works best if there are a smaller number of children with each coach or parent-helper.  If you join a smaller group, you’ll get more footy.

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What do I do when Auskick finishes?

Buy a sausage! Buy a snake or fruit drink!

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What if it rains?

It never rains at Auskick. Okay Okay, we might have had some drops on a Saturday but it will only be pretend rain, the coaches will still be there to run the clinics. As with most weekends, parents should use their own discretion on whether or not they want their children playing in the rain. If you do attend in the rain, dress for the conditions.…but it never rains at Auskick!

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Smokefree at Auskick

We are Smokefree at Auskick.  There is no smoking on any of our three ovals or on or around the Sheridan Pavilion.  Please use the car parks if you need to smoke.

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